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Techniques for using Lapis Lazuli Pigment

Humaira Irfan
Written by Humaira Irfan
Techniques in which it can be used in oil paintings:

1. With ultramarine pigment mixed in oil you can paint wet on wet (i.e. mix paint both on the palette and the canvas)

2. Layered (apply a layer of ultramarine paint once the previous has dried)

3. Glaze – ideally suited for glaze (you can work with very thin transparent layers)

4. Blending – it can be blended with any colour, giving smoot and velvety brush strokes. It imparts luminosity to every color it is blended with.

For  Water color technique

Lapis pigment is equally splendid for water colors, mixing it with a little gum Arabic ,it yields smooth brush strokes and can be mixed with any color.

For Egg Tempera technique

Mix the pigment with little water(optional)and egg yolk and apply it for egg tempera painting,also a little linseed oil can be added to make egg oil emulsion paints ,good for impasto.

Whatever technique you choose to use, ultramarine pigment is the ideal choice.As its hue,chroma,or  value do not alter with time,it is resistant to changes in temperature and weather.

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Humaira Irfan

Humaira Irfan

De Mairo’s Lapis lazuli Pigment with oil colors on canvas
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