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Written by Demairo

In these recession-stricken days, it has become quite difficult for a considerable number of jewelry lovers to have their desired jewels that can really go nicely with their costumes without disturbing their budgets. Just like many others, if you too is a credit crunch victim, semi-precious gemstones may come to your rescue and offer you all what you want to have from some impressive pieces of jewelry that can go nicely with your attire and overall appearance. The nice thing about semi-precious stones is that they are available in a wide variety of colors and you can find them quite at affordable prices.

In different jewelry pieces these stones often seem to enhance the beauty of the metal in which they are jutted or used other way. These gemstones, no doubt, have a great sophistication effect and most of them feel quite pleasing to wearers’ eye and they do not look opulent too. These gemstones have good potential to boost your personal style and fashion taste.


There are some semi-precious gemstones that are reckoned as birthstones and which are according to the birth months of the people. Many gemstone wearers believe that these stone bestow them with strength and bring lots of positive changes in their lives. They also prove very effective to create an emotional balance in their personalities and develop a noticeable harmony in their daily routines and give them peace of mind as well. So, we can say that the wearer of semi-precious gemstones not only get prominence because of alluring grace of these stones, but also get mental peace and harmony with their hidden powers.


Besides considering the beauty and grace of a gemstone, one must also ponder whether this stone could go according to one’s nature and personality and provide the wearer all the healing powers that are associated with it or it will just prove nothing but a stone. Some stones even cause negative effects if they do not match the personality and nature of the wearer and that’s why selection of color is quite important in gemstone world. Aquamarine and garnet are two examples of birthstones that are considered the birthstones for the month of March and January respectively.

These gemstones may act in double way in the recession, as they may bring more luck and opportunities for as well as provide you some really nice looking pieces of jewelry when you are on budget.

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De Mairo lapis lazuli ultramarine is the ultimate artist’s dream pigment, the same pigment that made the paintings of the famous artists of the medieval and renaissance period, the treasured masterpieces. Demairo lapis lazuli pigment with its vivid royal blue color has all the brilliance and outstanding beauty of the Old Masters pigment. It is light fast, non bleeding and imparts an unchanging durability to the painting.

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  • Hey John Hey John Yeah i know exactly what you mean & agree if i had to pick a faiourvte stone or crystal it would probably be this one or maybe Kunzite, that stones feels great to wear 2 i’ve made videos on Kunzite & Jade as well & will probably do more when i’m in the mood crystals are fascinatiing things arnt they! Love & Light Pete

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