Demairo Pvt Ltd is the manufacturer and exporters of the gemstone products, we are also known for Lapis Lazuli Tiles and Crafts for more than a decade. We also manufacture Lapis Lazuli Pigment of the finest quality for the past 7 years under brand name De Mairo Pigments. We are the distributor of 100% lapis lazuli/natural ultramarine pigment to all the major art material companies of the world. Our superior 100% natural lapis lazuli pigment is made from genuine lapis lazuli of the highest grade from the mines of Badakhshan Afghanistan.

Extracting the pigment from lapis lazuli stone is a laborious and costly procedure but our dedicated team works diligently to provide you with the pigment that the old masters of medieval and renaissance would have desired to use in their paintings.

  • We take our relationship with our artists very seriously.
  • We ensure that our natural pigment has the colour strength, vibrancy and high quality that we claim.
  • We have built our reputation on the consistent quality of our pigments. Also we are engaged in continual product development, improvement and innovation. Whatever painting technique you choose, our pigments gives depth and radiance to your work enhancing its aesthetic and monetary value.  Whether you are an amateur, a novice or an experienced painter, you will find the pigments well suited for oil, egg tempera and water colour etc.

Why De Mairo Pigments !

De Mairo lapis lazuli ultramarine is the ultimate artist’s dream pigment, the same pigment that made the paintings of the famous artists of the medieval and renaissance period, the treasured masterpieces. Demairo lapis lazuli pigment with its vivid royal blue color has all the brilliance and outstanding beauty of the Old Masters pigment. It is light fast, non bleeding and imparts an unchanging durability to the painting.

De Mairo Natural  lapis pigment  is the painters dream; the natural lapis pigment with its crystalline structure and multiple surfaces reflects light like a finely faceted jewel thereby exhibiting ever changing display of rich vibrant blues. This creates a three dimensional, gem like effect which is not at all possible with  very small, round and uniformly shaped particles of the synthetic ultramarine pigment.

The natural De Mairo lapis ultramarine has a high stability to light and its intense blue color does not change with time. It is suitable for every medium, equally excellent with oils, water and egg tempera. Ultramarine is well suited to make works of art more distinguished and alive with its gemstone energy.

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