Female Artists Dominate the Bukowskis Contemporary 2012

Written by Demairo

Do you love watching and visiting art galleries where you can enjoy the contemporary art? There are many people that believe that they need to spend more time in art and therefore they go and checkout some of the happening art in the city. If you love art and if you are interested in watching some of the best happening in the world then you should look out for Bukowskis Contemporary on 23 May 2012. This time you will find many of the top women artists in Bukowski auction that will amaze you with the creativity and skills that they have.


Many people around the world believe that like in any other sector art industry has been dominated by men and there are many male artists that have got the recognition they deserve. On the other hand, female artists are not given the same kind of appreciation and acceptance and therefore Bukowskis is bringing out the best of women’s creativity that you can enjoy. This time at the Bukowskis you will creations made by Maria Friberg, Mamma Andersson, Cecilia Edefalk, Diane Arbus, Linn Fernstrom, Yayoi Kusuma and many other male artists that have dominated the industry for many years. There will be some of the great talents from Sweden as well to ensure that you get the best exhibition.

With the best female artists in the auction people will enjoy the creativity and ideas that they bring in. Maria Friberg has always been among the top women artists in the industry and she got popular in 2011 when her film No Time to Fall hit the TEAM Gallery in New York. On the other hand, in 2004 she got more recognition with her work Still Lives that was shown at the Armory Show and that is available this time at the Bukowskis Contemporary.

The show will also have Mamma Andersson who is among the most highly paid women artists in Sweden in current times along with Cecilia Edefalk who had a great time at the Bukowskis autumn auction in 2010.

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